Pregnancy Tips

And we’re off and racing…


roryHi there,

If you’ve read my ‘look who’s talking’ page, then you’ll know what I’m talking about when I say this is my Ba that made me a D. If not, then this is my baby that has in turn made me a dad. We are equals. Simples.

This 3D Image is the first time I had the pleasure of seeing my little boy’s face. You easily forget that the bulge in your partner’s belly has all the features of a tiny human. It’s kind of cool to reflect on this from time to time. He’s yawning, crying, smiling, and even hiccupping (a very weird sensation for my partner) whilst in the womb.

As a guy, this photo was the first time I felt properly connected with the pregnancy. I could finally put a name to a face. Yes, even at this stage we had a name, like previous garage bands I’ve been in, and never played a gig, the naming is still one of my favourite parts in the creative process. At the very early stages of pregnancy we were sitting out on the balcony discussing names. Within a few name exchanges we had settled on Rory, (for boy or girl), it felt right, and after googling the meaning, it felt even better. Just one more quality test was needed – my mother. Thankfully it passed this rigid test with flying colours, very much to my surprise. Mum actually advised that I had a Great Uncle Rory, and she then proceeded to pull out a photo form circa 1800’s to show me. There he was, sitting on a horse, with that eerie stare from ages gone by. I find all these old portrait’s a little unsettling for some reason. I think smiling must have been an early 1900’s invention.

One slight difference to Uncle Rory for the time being, is our Rory has the word bean at the end of it, which will be lost upon birth (or at least the birth certificate). This particular term of endearment, lead me to thinking if this is how Frances Bean gained her monika, daughter of Kurt Cobain (Nirvana) & Courtney Love. A google later & I was right, we’d used bean for the same reason, as we too thought our little man looked like a kidney bean on the earlier ultrasounds.

Such images show we were all beans once, magical beans that grew, and finally broke through the clouds, delivering us into the land of giants. Now we just got to try and not be eaten while searching for the goose that lays the golden egg.

Tip of the Ice-blog #1

Even though as a guy we don’t go through the same symptoms as our female counterparts during pregnancy, it is a great exercise to try and imagine what it would be like if we did. Shoe on the other foot kind of idea.