Two front teeth – Someone opened their present early…Now what do I do?

Check these chompers !

Check these chompers !

It seems that just like his Mum, if little Rory wants something, he just goes and gets it, which makes him, like his Mum, rather hard to buy for. I had planned to get him his two front teeth for Christmas, thinking I had plenty of time considering he is not even 5 months yet. However, true to genetic form, he has already got his two front teeth. What am I to do now? Chew it over I guess…

There has been a lot of discussion lately about non-gender toys, no more pink for girls, or soldiers for boys, so it makes the decision even harder. I’m sure many fathers before me hadn’t given much thought to what toys to buy a little one, and just bought what was put forward to them. I believe that most toys are typically seasonal and aren’t played with for too long anyway, as each child is constantly looking for some new treat. How else do you explain such a big toy industry, and in most homes, overflowing toy boxes full of stuff hardly touched anymore? Unless of course you call tripping on the strategically placed plastic lounge-mines and then putting them away, as touching. So what do I get a little one that doesn’t even know you exist once you’ve left the room ?’s a tough call. 912_3

To be honest I won’t be searching for something pink, but I also won’t buy him something typically male oriented. Even though I totally agree that gender stereotypes shouldn’t be forced on our young, so much so, that I intentionally wrote my first children’s book to be non-gender specific – I never refer to the central character’s sex. (Insert shameless plug for The Tale of Kangaroo Point here). But seriously, I feel this discussion of non-gender buying to be a little left of the mark, because either way, most of the toys that are made are pretty much useless bits of plastic that will end up in some land fill, or hopefully a second hand op shop to be recycled. I think the real discussion is, what will be the long term benefit of giving such an item ? Experience should be seen like currency, and I don’t want to be buying something that has no long term benefits, and quickly becomes worthless once you leave the store. I feel toys should be a capital investment in my little one, and therefore I want them to promote growth and yield a high return. Perhaps there is a little accountant in me after all, this would please my parents.


Same beach, same family.


New generation, new millennia.

Looking back, I can see that my Mum and Dad didn’t buy me anything they saw as pointless, even the board games I received tended to be like Boggle, or Scrabble (the original Words With Friends),  because they wanted me to learn during play, and probably also being an only child, they didn’t want to be playing something with me that had no point to it…ironically, The Game of Life sat in this category.

This Christmas, the decision for me on what to get, probably isn’t so important, as the little guy seems pretty occupied by his toes at the moment, but as his interests evolve it will be up to me to help guide him, like my Dad did for me. For the moment I’ve noticed he likes banging his hands on anything; tables; his thighs; his mum’s face; my crotch (ouch), so I’m thinking maybe a little drum or keyboard with sound effects might be a winner – try to channel that inner beat and rhythm. I will let you know how I go post summer equinox.

Anyway to wrap things up…yes I went there (it’s ok, I’m a Dad now), I put this to you little Rory – when you are old enough to read, and you are asking for the latest plastic crapenator, I will refer you to this little piece as to why you received a telescope, a chemistry set, or something sport like. If I feel a toy doesn’t help you learn something, you won’t be getting it from me, but feel free to buy it yourself with your earned pocket money, because Son, that’s the value of currency, if it’s your own, you can get what you want, and if it’s not, be thankful you get anything at all xxx

912_7 912_6 912_4

Stuff you have done lately

1. Said Dad three times (yes I can lay claim to the first word), not sure if you knew what you were saying but like any good Aussie, I’ll claim it. It took you some effort to get it out and much concentration, but it went like this NnnnnnnnnnnnnDaaaaaaaaaad. Too cute and your Mum can vouch for it also. You have also said No to Avó…cheeky monkey.

2. You have had your first couple of flights, and you’re a good little flyer. I’ve only had to by earplugs for a passenger once, and you prefer bosoms for a pillow (Cornershop’s song holds true).

3. You like to smack your Mum in the face to wake her up.

4. You are not big on being left alone, even for a minute. Hence your Mum has dubbed you the ginger whinger, only because it’s easier to rhyme than auburn.

5. You are getting better at tummy time, although since you have learnt to roll, you much prefer to do that.


6. Your farts stink ! Like a little stinky malinky poo poo monster.

7. You love spinning, rolling, and being thrown and caught. Your face lights up and you start giggling with glee ( Your mother hates the up up catch game but it’s our little secret;)

8. You love the boogah song and all its re-mixes. He’s the boog boog boogiddy boog.

9. You can hold your own bottle, and have learnt how to get monkey to play his music by pulling on the handle.

912_1110. You have swum in the ocean and a pool. You weren’t really sure about it both times but you did have a little kick kick.

11. You adore your Avó and her big pillows, and love nudey nude time during your daily bath with Mummy.

12. Your yoga skills have become enviable, you can actually put your foot in your mouth and I don’t mean by saying the wrong thing, that will come later.

912_1Tip of the Ice-blog #10

With our little boy teething, his sleep has become even more precious. To help soothe and settle we use shooshas (dummies) from the freezer, and if needed we put a little (as directed) bonjela on the bottom of the shoosha and rub the area affected before bed. I’m not game to put my finger in after hearing his Mum’s cries. Occasionally, if he’s really irritable and all else fails, we use baby Panadol liquid via a syringe. During the day it is all about taking his mind off the sore little gums with plenty of play and love.


Sex & Score – Ask yourself, Do I want to know?

Definitely a boy

Definitely a boy.

Hi there and welcome to new readers,

Like any good match, lets get straight into it. I awoke this morning to find a text sitting there merrily on my screen, plain as day for all to see, and it was the one sentence that would ruin my daily plan. It involved Argentina V Netherlands. (Don’t click if you don’t want to know the score). I won’t divulge the rest of the text, as I don’t want others to relive the ‘Noooo, I didn’t want to know!’. This got me thinking about the question to know or not to know?

Does knowing the outcome of your child’s sex ruin the game?

I am in the court of to know, as my partner and I, as I like to call it, are unexpectedly expecting. Another surprise wasn’t warranted and at least the gender could be one thing to prepare for. Also, as you can tell from the above pic, it was like this morning’s text, hard to miss. Knowing we were to have a boy we were able to start mentally preparing for that. It solidified the name, as per previous blog, we started calling the little bean, him, rather than it, and allowed us to perhaps bond a little more with the idea of what was to come.

Not everyone is in this boat though. At one of the pre-natal classes we attended, it was asked of each couple, sex and due date. Half the class were leaving the sex as a surprise, or perhaps were unable to get a good vantage point (even if you want to know, it’s not entirely accurate as the child needs to be positioned right). This stance, of leaving the gender as a surprise, for some reason surprised me. I know it’s kind of a tradition to not find out, but is it more the fact that we sometimes just don’t find out, and it’s easier to explain that it will be a surprise, to friends and family.

I personally am happy with our choice of finding out. It’s helped a lot with preparation, both mentally and physically (we now have a lot of hand me down boys clothing, pretty much up until he’s 3). Also, as you can read, I’m able to say ‘he’, no confusion. Even though having a he has caused some confusion with regards to snip or not to snip, but that question is for another blog.

In the end, either way it is still a fun game, just like previous soccer games I’ve watched, (yes soccer), and known the score, knowing the final outcome doesn’t take away from the thrill of watching! But for those that want to keep it a surprise, I can certainly understand that too, those final moments, when pushing into extra time and heading towards a penalty shootout, it will perhaps be even more exciting. Boy V Girl, like Argentina V Holland. It’s all part of the build up for our very own world game final.

Tip of the Ice-Blog #2

Try not to miss any appointments involving the scans. It can be a wonderful time being there together and seeing your little one inside the womb. Capturing the images of the inner workings of your new child is fascinating and also hopefully re-assuring. 5 fingers, check. (although the Simpsons survive with 3). Some places also give you a little DVD to take home and show family.