Look who’s talking

Hi there,

Let us not talk about me just for now, there will be plenty of time for that. Let’s talk about you for a moment. It was a logical progression for you to be reading this, you’re born, you live, you create and share another. The equation of life that is ever expanding, constantly adding new variances into this equation at every moment….and for this moment – here you are. To explain why you are reading this, in this instance, can be simply put as such.

R = Bl + 1


W = Writer     D = Dad       Ba = Baby      Bl = Blog    R = Reader


D = Ba


W + D + Ba = Bl  or

W + 2D = Bl (an alternative equation but can still work perfectly)


R = Bl + 1


1 = you

Simples. (Insert Meerkat ‘squeak’ or my partner’s ‘arghh why do you have to complicate things, it’s weird!’)

Well, I guess she is right but where is the fun in normal. Normally, I would agree with her, but this is my Bl, so R = Bl +1 and not RBl until I’m proven otherwise.

Keep reading to find out. I promise it gets much simpler from here, and when I say simpler, I mean the writing. I’ve been told the journey into fatherhood is full of variants and problems to solve, so I can’t promise it will get easier, but I reckon it helps if you’ve got the right equation and at least one constant 🙂

Hope you enjoy the baby musings & beard stroking in this blog documenting on a baby and the beard.

To find out more about D click recpearson


BTW. I will be inserting comical/informative links to certain words and phrases through out the blog. What can I say, I love word association ! Feel free to clickity clack.






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