Sex & Score – Ask yourself, Do I want to know?

Definitely a boy

Definitely a boy.

Hi there and welcome to new readers,

Like any good match, lets get straight into it. I awoke this morning to find a text sitting there merrily on my screen, plain as day for all to see, and it was the one sentence that would ruin my daily plan. It involved Argentina V Netherlands. (Don’t click if you don’t want to know the score). I won’t divulge the rest of the text, as I don’t want others to relive the ‘Noooo, I didn’t want to know!’. This got me thinking about the question to know or not to know?

Does knowing the outcome of your child’s sex ruin the game?

I am in the court of to know, as my partner and I, as I like to call it, are unexpectedly expecting. Another surprise wasn’t warranted and at least the gender could be one thing to prepare for. Also, as you can tell from the above pic, it was like this morning’s text, hard to miss. Knowing we were to have a boy we were able to start mentally preparing for that. It solidified the name, as per previous blog, we started calling the little bean, him, rather than it, and allowed us to perhaps bond a little more with the idea of what was to come.

Not everyone is in this boat though. At one of the pre-natal classes we attended, it was asked of each couple, sex and due date. Half the class were leaving the sex as a surprise, or perhaps were unable to get a good vantage point (even if you want to know, it’s not entirely accurate as the child needs to be positioned right). This stance, of leaving the gender as a surprise, for some reason surprised me. I know it’s kind of a tradition to not find out, but is it more the fact that we sometimes just don’t find out, and it’s easier to explain that it will be a surprise, to friends and family.

I personally am happy with our choice of finding out. It’s helped a lot with preparation, both mentally and physically (we now have a lot of hand me down boys clothing, pretty much up until he’s 3). Also, as you can read, I’m able to say ‘he’, no confusion. Even though having a he has caused some confusion with regards to snip or not to snip, but that question is for another blog.

In the end, either way it is still a fun game, just like previous soccer games I’ve watched, (yes soccer), and known the score, knowing the final outcome doesn’t take away from the thrill of watching! But for those that want to keep it a surprise, I can certainly understand that too, those final moments, when pushing into extra time and heading towards a penalty shootout, it will perhaps be even more exciting. Boy V Girl, like Argentina V Holland. It’s all part of the build up for our very own world game final.

Tip of the Ice-Blog #2

Try not to miss any appointments involving the scans. It can be a wonderful time being there together and seeing your little one inside the womb. Capturing the images of the inner workings of your new child is fascinating and also hopefully re-assuring. 5 fingers, check. (although the Simpsons survive with 3). Some places also give you a little DVD to take home and show family.




  1. I can’t understand how anyone has the will power not to find out the sex of their unborn baby. These must be people who never carefully peeled back the wrapping of their Christmas presents lying seductively under the tree.

    Also, how strange to call your baby “it” for up to 9 months.


    1. Too true Wimberley, calling the boy ‘he’ rather than ‘it’ feels right. Although a good Irish friend of mine said recently that an old mid wife told him ‘you push better when ya don’t know’ 🙂 that’s irish logic for you !


    1. Hi SincereCeliacDad, thanks for your nice comment. Just like you, we were just as excited on the day of the ultrasound. As of Thursday I’m now a father, and the excitement of seeing your child, especially fit and healthy, won’t be topped for a long time. I really don’t think I would have been more excited if I didn’t know, but then again…I will never know for little Rory, but it doesn’t bother me in the slightest 🙂 I see you are a Celiac Dad, a very close friend of mine is a Celiac, and have been aware of it since I was a child. Times and opportunities have certainly progressed favourably since my friend was born. The poor fella in his twenties lived on nachos and cheese, go the gluten free revolution hey!


      1. Thanks, Congrats on the new little one! I really enjoyed your blog and I can’t wait to hear about all your new adventures. Yes, Thank God for the Gluten Free Revolution it makes it so much easier. We still have issues at restaurants or from certain people like I talk about in my blog, but overall it’s much easier to be a Celia.


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